People can have long or short thighs, thin or round. Whatever lengths and sizes your thighs are, you should do your best to strengthen your thigh muscles while you are young. This way when you get older, you can still do the things that you love such as walking, running,Continue Reading

Just like in any other exercise routine, stretching after doing intense laps in the pool is considered very important. Stretching eases muscles that have become hard and tense during workout. This in turn decreases risks of getting cramps and muscle injury, while it increases your flexibility. There are many waysContinue Reading

It is very important to do stretches after a very energetic water aerobic routine. Stretching will not only help your heart rate and blood flow slow down, but it will also prevent cramping and it will decrease your chances of getting muscle injury. The first thing to do before youContinue Reading

A lot of body builders do not take stretching exercises seriously. What they do not appreciate and understand are the numerous benefits that it offers. Stretching increases flexibility and strength in the muscles, and facilitates muscular and joint mobility and endurance. What it lessens are the risks of injuries, muscleContinue Reading

The internal obliques are a set of abdominal muscles that go around starting from the spinal area all the way to the center of the abdomen. These particular muscles are located beneath the external obliques. The internal obliques perform functions such as spine flexing and rotating, holding up the contentsContinue Reading