Losing a pound per week is the most recommended weight loss goal. Not only is it considered healthy, but it is also very achievable. The key to weight loss (and weight gain) is keeping a steady calorie intake and calorie burning. Remember a very simple formula: 3,500 calories = 1Continue Reading

Body Mass Index or BMI maintenance is required to control the amount of fat in your body according to your height and weight. BMI control varies by season, since a person’s body needs change depending on the weather, the availability of certain foods and the physical activity associated with seasonalContinue Reading

When people indulge themselves through nighttime eating, they are putting their lives at risk. Night eating disorder or nighttime eating is a dangerous habit that becomes a big obstacle to losing weight. This is because when you eat during nighttime, your body will not be able to break down effectivelyContinue Reading

Losing weight is almost always on everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. But there are some people who want to do the opposite – gain weight. You may think that you are too skinny to wear a particular sexy dress or a nice pair of jeans. Or maybe you are tooContinue Reading