How To Drop at Least One Dress Size Before the Wedding

Gaining weight can be a bad thing, but gaining weight just when your wedding day is fast approaching is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a girl.

Girls want to look their best on their wedding day because for most girls, this event will happen only once. Some girls even buy wedding dresses that are one size smaller than their current size so they would be motivated more to lose some weight before the big event.

You might also want to impress your new husband on your first night as a wedded couple.
You can follow these steps to drop at least one dress size before your wedding day:

Devise an exercise plan

This must not be too complicated to follow and you have to do this on a daily basis. You can make twenty to thirty minute-jogging an everyday exercise. If you are too lazy to do this, you can make going around malls your daily exercise just do walks that are long and fast enough to make you sweat.

Enroll in dance classes

As any other grooms and brides do, take dance lessons for your reception. This will not only give you more exercise so you can lose weight but will also make your first dance as a wedded couple much more memorable.

Drink a lot of water

Keep on drinking water. You can exceed the rule of drinking regularly eight glasses of water a day. You can double the number of glasses. This will not harm you.

Drink water before meals

Drinking water before meals will make you feel filled up even before you eat. This will make you less hungry and so you will eat only small amount of food.

Eat nutritious foods

Eat foods that are rich in fiber. Also, to make your skin look more radiant, eat fruits and vegetables that will make you detoxify. You can undergo a detox diet.

Avoid coffee, sodas and other junk foods

This will not only give you more fats but will also make your skin look haggard and tired. You must avoid this stuff if you want to look radiant and blooming on your wedding day.

Eat smaller meals

Do not stick to the regular three heavy meals a day. Instead, eat four to five light meals a day. Make certain that your meals are well-balanced—it should include carbohydrates, proteins and fibers.

Do not eat snacks after eight o’clock in the evening

If you can’t help but eat, at least eat snacks that are rich in fiber and those that can help you detoxify such as celery, oranges, etc. You must stay away from sweet and junk foods.

Hang your wedding dress in a place where you can always see it

This will remind you about having to lose weight and will keep you more motivated each day.

These steps will not just make you look sexier for your wedding day but these will also make you healthier and vibrant-looking. You should keep track of your weight to keep you more motivated. And remember, discipline and moderation is the key.

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