How To Lose Belly Fat with 6 Simple Steps

Everyone dreams of a flat stomach with six-pack abs. however, this doesn’t come easily or naturally for most people.

It takes discipline and a lot of hard work to get that sculpted and toned midsection. If you want to say goodbye to your belly fat and hello to a svelte and flat tummy, here are six things you can do right now.

Do cardiovascular exercises

You cannot spot train away belly fat by doing abdominal exercises only. This means, your body will not lose weight or fat in one area only.

You must perform regular exercise that will elevate your heart rate to increase your metabolic rate. Do both high intensity and low intensity workouts.

Stay active as much as possible throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk during your lunch hour or take dancing lessons to get your heart rate up.

Work out using your core muscles

Core muscles are the group of muscles located in your midsection. This is what supports your body. Exercises such as dancing, Pilates, yoga and other core exercises specifically target this important group of muscles.

It takes doing abdominal crunches to a greater and more intense level. If you have a strong core, you’ll have better posture and you’ll be able to do more activities. Think of gymnasts, dancers and trapeze artists. They all have strong core muscles and no belly fat.

Watch what you eat

Cut back on all unnecessary carbohydrates. Reduce eating starchy foods such as pasta and rice. Switch to whole grains and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Stop drinking carbonated and sugary drinks. Drink pure clean water to help your body eliminate toxins. Forget alcohol. If you don’t want a gut or beer belly, ditch the booze.

Eat smaller portions more regularly

Instead of eating three large meals a day, switch to having four to six small meals. A small meal can be a bowl of tomato soup with whole grain crackers or toasted whole grain bagel with cottage cheese.

Get enough sleep

People need about six to eight hours of sleep a night, but many individuals gets only half of that. Lack of sleep affects the metabolic rate of the body and how carbohydrates are burned.

If you don’t sleep properly, it will be harder to lose fat. Staying up late is a double whammy, because many people snack on unhealthy snacks while awake at night.

Also, it’s harder to wake up in the morning to exercise when you’re lethargic from lack of sleep the night before.

Go to the doctor

If you’ve tried everything the good old fashioned way and still have the flab around your tummy, consider plastic surgery as the last resort.

There are less invasive procedures such as mesotherapy and other body sculpting procedures. Tummy tucks and liposuction are cosmetic surgical procedures you can have done as well but weigh your options carefully.

It is expensive and can leave scarring on the skin. If not performed by a qualified surgeon, you may end up with more complications that you bargained for.

Losing your belly fat is a long process, but stay committed to your goal and it can be done! Work out with a personal trainer to get faster results and take a holistic approach to your fitness and well being to look your best.

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