How To Slow your Metabolism

Losing weight is almost always on everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. But there are some people who want to do the opposite – gain weight.

You may think that you are too skinny to wear a particular sexy dress or a nice pair of jeans. Or maybe you are too slim to gain the six-pack abs that you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your reason is, you sure can gain more weight if you slow down your metabolism. This way, you can store more fats, which could lead to gaining weight and getting a bigger build. Here are tips on how to slow down your metabolism.

Take lesser physical activity

The more developed a person’s muscles are, the better chances of him burning his fats in terms of burning more calories.

For you to prevent that, you should minimize strenuous activities that will result in unwanted calorie-burning. However, do not eliminate physical exercises from your daily routine because your body needs it to normally function.

Increase your calorie intake

The easiest way to do this is to eat more than the usual. That is the simplest translation of taking more calories.

But it is also a misconception that you merely need to eat more to make you gain more weight. What you need to do is increase your intake of calories.

So, instead of eating a cheese sandwich as a snack, take hamburger or replace the cheese with something with higher calories like ham or a piece of meat.

Better yet, increase to about 25% or more your usual calorie intake. The more calories you take plus lesser physical activity, the slower your metabolism will be.

Eat types of food that are difficult to metabolize

Sugar, white bread, fried foods, processed foods, and alcohol are the most popular foods that can slow down metabolism.

Sugary foods include sweets like chocolates, cakes, cookies, and candies. The side effect of eating sugary foods, however, is higher sugar levels.

Better take sugary foods slowly or you might get used to it and hanker for more. White bread and other carbohydrate-rich foods have similar effects of increasing blood sugar level.

Alcohol has the same property plus it could restrict metabolism. Fried foods, on the other hand, have lesser nutrition and are easier to digest.

What’s good with these foods is the high-calorie content. But they can be dangerous when taken excessively. Processed foods are convenient, which encourage lesser physical activity. These foods have lesser nutrition but are high in calories.

Take more caffeine

A cup of coffee everyday is good for your health, according to studies. But taking more than a cup of coffee in a day can be harmful for the heart because caffeine has negative effects on the cardio-vascular system. But for the sake of slowing down metabolism, you can take more than a single cup of coffee.

No to drinking cold water

Drinking cold water can speed up your metabolism. Avoid drinking water and you’ll have a slower metabolism. Better yet, drink lukewarm water right after meals and before taking anything after waking up in the morning.

Reading all the tips above is the start of the real process. Frame up your own program and after three months or more you can see yourself gaining weight. Patience is necessary to see the rewarding result of slowing down your metabolism.

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